202 Baker Drive Florence, AL
Three bedrooms, 2 full baths, 1,400 S.F. on main level  
Full unfinished basement, new central heat/air.  
Totally remodeled in 2009  New Kitchen.
Rear wood deck, crown molding hardwood floors
RENT TO OWN FOR:  $895/month

We offer you three different ways to own this house:

1.      Purchase: Get a loan and pay us cash. Price $110,500

down payment of at least $6,000. The financed amount will be $104,500. The monthly
principle and interest payment will be $810. A larger down payment would give you
smaller monthly payments and significant savings on interest. We charge only simple
interest and there are no loan set-up fees. There is no bank hassle.

3.      Rent To Own. Rent amount is $895 per month for two years.  At the same time
lease is signed you must purchase an option to purchase contract for $2,000.  You then
have the right to purchase the house for $110,500 anytime and during the two year
period.  The  $2,000, the amount that was paid for the option will count as part of the
down payment.  Regardless of how much the house may increase in value, this price is
locked in by the contract.  Under this contract, you have the option of purchasing the
house, but not the obligation. If you don't purchase it, we keep the $2,000. If you decide
to purchase the house, you are free to get a loan anywhere you choose. If you want us to
provide a loan (see number 2 above), you will need to give us an additional   $4,000
which is added to your $2,000 option payment for a total down payment of $6,000.  The
balance of the purchase price, $104,500 will be financed by us for 5 years then you would
get your own loan.